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Mozi-Q Tablets

All natural homeopathic chewable tablets that help to keep insects from approaching your pet.

Mozi-q is a formula containing five homeopathic remedies: Staphysagria, Ledum palustre, Urtica urens, Cedron and Grindelia. They are in low C and D potencies, thereby acting at the physical level for their common indication, to reduce the frequency and severity of insect bites.

Mozi-Q Tablets Pet's

  • Is Mozi-Q for Pets safe?

    Yes, Mozi-Q for Pets has been approved by the Low Risk Veterinary Health Products Interim Notification Program for use on cats, dogs, and horses. It is non-toxic and doesn't react with medications or herbs.

    What pets can it be used on?

    Mozi-Q for Pets can be used on cats, dogs, and horses

    What bugs does it work on?

    It is effective on blood-biting insects including mosquitoes, ticks, and black flies. 

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